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Pregnancy can be a wonderful time of personal transformation, a time of profound physical change that brings a new level of body awareness to a woman. Massage therapy during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period enhances all aspects of a woman’s health care regimen as well as her baby’s:

  • Increased circulation, which helps reduce swelling and improves oxygen supply to your baby
  • Easier breathing and better sleep
  • Relief of back and pelvic pain
  • Shorter deliveries with less pain
  • Improved bonding between mother and infant
  • Support for postpartum recovery, depression and anxiety
  • Improved muscle and skin tone, scar tissue treatment

We invite you to experience the remarkable peace and comfort that one hour of focused attention on YOUR needs can bring for both you and your baby. We think you deserve it!

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Your Massage

Your first massage session may include up to thirty minutes of consultation. Your health intake form will be –more–

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Our Therapists

Did you know that the State of Utah does not require any pregnancy massage training at all to qualify –more–

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